Who Made This Site?

Hi! Thanks for visiting. Here is a video about me and my job. It might explain why this website exists and what I do for a living. In the video, I talk about my business and how it really is the world's most private company. My hope is that once you see that our websites are actually real people that really care about your privacy, you will choose to shop with us in the future.

As part of the sales job, I suppose I should offer some method of thanking you for watching that video, so here are some coupon-codes that you can use at some of our sites. Here they are:

Here are some coupon codes I have managed to gather for you.
Site: Coupon Code Coupon Code / Value
ShopInPrivate.com "Diet" Good for free ground shipping for order over $25.
Bachelorette.com "Fad" Good for free ground shipping for order over $25.
RomanticGifts.com "FadDiet" Save 10% off any order, any time.
Vibrators.com "Fad" Good for 12% off any order, any time. Note: This one is for 12 percent. Oh Yeah!
Vibrators.com "Diet" Good for free Priority Mail delivery on any order!

No need to say thank you to me. Knowing that you saved 10% off of your jock itch cream or saved a bunch of money on your new best friend is thanks enough for me...

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