Lose Weight Tips Number 21-30

Lose Weight Tips Number 21-30

21)Here's a partial quote I say to myself when I want to cheat: "Even though

I overeat in private, my excess poundage is there for all the world to see

how foolish I have been." Those words help me not to cheat and help me stick

to my goal of weight loss.


22)I eat because I think it can solve my problems. When I have chocolate, it

cures headaches and mental blocks. When I am depressed, I have ice cream,

when I am angry, eating helps me calm down. After all that eating I get upset.

going to gain weight, then I eat more (try writing this down and stick to the



23)When dining out and the portions are too large, try over salting the extra

before you start eating. I find that it's easier to say no before I have even

taken a bite and no one else at the table has to know my willpower is weak!

Even though I've ruined the food, I'm always glad I did.(*note i would try

pepper...the salt is no good for you if you do give in and eat it)


24) just another quote for ya..Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels


25)when I feel bad about throwing away left-overs, I say "I'd rather waste it

than wear it".


26)Strange HINT* Add the cereal TO the milk instead of adding milk to the

cereal, and just sprinkle about 1/4 of what you think you'll eat, then add

more. WHY? First because its always crunchy then, and second, you'll eat MORE

cereal and less milk.


27) Keep variety in your diet. Make sure that at each meal you have a variety

of temperatures, textures, and flavors. This satisfies all cravings and you

will find that you eat less at each meal and are not hungry for snacks.

(*i cant see how this works but..)


28)Also, a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of tea and a tablespoon of cider

vinegar after every meal helps keep your weight down. It will also make you

sleep well and take away any tiredness. My friends and I have tried it and it

works!(* i suggest the cold water and sleep is good but more than 8hours/day

will slow down the metabolism rate)


29) Tuna is virtually fat free and is good for any meal (even breakfast).

I've found that tuna can be mixed with any fat free salad dressing or plain

non-fat yogurt and it tastes better than mayo! Experiment with tuna, add

relish, tomato, basil, fat free swiss cheese.


30)I have found that if you have a tendency to snack a lot and have a sweet

tooth, keep some hard candy around instead of cookies and chocolate

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