The Pig Doll With The Inflatable Belly

The Pig Doll With The Inflatable Belly
A design patent protects the design and style of a product. For example, if you were Tiffany and Company and you wanted to make sure that no one made silver ear rings that with roman numerals on them like yours you would get a design patent. Then you would spend the $250 per pair that you get selling $8 ear rings on defending that patent.

Design patents are issued if the idea is in the design not in the workings of the product. For example, Tiffany may have a design patent on their earrings but they did not invent the idea of wearing jewelry on your ear. Got it?

The reason I explain what a design patent is, is related to the Pig Doll With An Inflatable Belly. You see, they did not patent the idea that this doll's belly would inflate, they only patented the fact that it would look like this (including the saying).

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